When mission work gets messy… it can be really fun!
We are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey at Casa de Los Angeles. As we strive to build a loving home for deserving children and transform the community of Lomas Altas/Rosarito, Mexico, we often encounter challenges along the way. But here’s the beautiful truth: even in the messiness of the construction process, we find immense joy and purpose. While the work may be physically demanding and require us to get our hands dirty, it is also filled with joy and a sense of fulfillment.
Just like pouring concrete is an essential step in building a strong foundation, your support and generosity lay the groundwork for our mission. Each donation, big or small, represents another brick, another beam, another piece of the puzzle coming together. We are deeply grateful for your commitment to Casa de Los Angeles and the community we serve.
In the coming weeks, we will continue sharing updates and stories from the construction site, highlighting the progress we are making together. Your continued support and prayers are vital as we navigate through this exciting yet challenging phase.
Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey. Your dedication to Casa de Los Angeles is truly making a lasting impact on the lives of precious children.
Together we’re on a mission to build a home in Baja that will transform lives. If you would please do me a favor, and share this post with someone you think would be interested, it would mean so much to me.
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