I hope this finds you all smiling! Just wanted to drop a quick note and share some awesome news from our latest adventure with the Canyon Springs Church team.

Big shoutout to Dan Williams and the whole Surf & Serve crew for their incredible energy and hard work. They tackled a huge job at CDLA—removing a big portion of the massive ceiling forms on the first floor. It’s amazing to see how much they accomplished, and I’ve attached a photo so you can see the awesome progress they made.

After a busy morning, the team hit the beach for some well-deserved surf and downtime. It’s exactly this mix of hard work and fun that makes these trips so special.

Thanks so much to everyone from Canyon Springs for your support and energy. It’s your spirit that helps push our project forward, and we’re so grateful for it.

We look forward to more such productive and enjoyable missions. For those inspired by this story, we welcome you to join us in future efforts—there’s always room for more hands and hearts in our CDLA family.