I can’t wait to share the story of our visit to Lomas Altas with you. We were invited by Pastor Aurelio and the kind folks at Comunidad Cristiana Lomas Altas for a day that felt like a big family reunion.

The church service was a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do. It was all about love, hope, and community—the very things that drive us at Casa de Los Angeles. After the service, we all gathered for some amazing pozole. It was more than just lunch; it felt like breaking bread with family.

During our meal, we naturally flowed into talking about life in Lomas Altas. The community shared their daily challenges with us, from caring for their children and tackling poverty to the struggle of getting into town with just one taxi van available each hour. It’s clear there’s a lot we can do together.

And here’s the exciting part: Pastor Aurelio is all in on partnering with us. He’s as excited as we are about joining forces to support the community and spread God’s love through our actions.

This isn’t just another project for us; it’s a chance to truly make a difference, side by side with some amazing new friends. Your support has helped us get here, and there’s so much more we can do together.

We’re buzzing with ideas and can’t wait to dive into this partnership. We’ll keep you updated on all the incredible ways we’re planning to serve the families and children of Lomas Altas. Your prayers, support, and passion mean the world to us and them.

P.S. We believe in the power of prayer and action. If you feel moved to support our initiatives in Lomas Altas, please visit our website here – whether it’s donating, volunteering, or spreading the word, together, we can make a world of difference.